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LORRAINE SUTHERLAND Mom, Today is Mother's Day and it is three months since I held your hand as you passed. I miss you so much; each day it is harder without you in our lives. I can't say how many times I have gone to phone you just to tell you "the latest" and then have that pang of pain in my heart because you aren't going to pick up the phone. I still have the videos we took before you passed and I watch them often just so I can see you and hear your voice and your laugh. This Mother's Day is going to be hard because you aren't here with us. For so many years Donna, Kim and I would be there to pick you up first thing in the morning and out we would go for the day - you were always so proud because it was just you and your three girls. This year we will be thinking of you with all the love and admiration one could hold for a mother idolized. You were such a loving, humble mother and grand-mother. I know if you could, you would say "Laurie Jean, stop" because you never ever wanted any kind of public admiration cast your way, but Mom, this is part of my healing process and losing you was the hardest thing I have ever had to endure. We miss you terribly and will Love you forever.....
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