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Edith Olive Macaulay JamesOcto...
Edith Olive Macaulay JamesOctober 22, 1926 - April 20, 2013There is no love, like a Mothers Love,No stronger bond on earth...Like the precious bond that comes from GodTo a mother, when she gives birth.A Mothers love is forever strongNever changing for all time.And when her children need her mostA mothers love will shine.God bless these special Mothers God bless them everyone.For all the tears and heartacheAnd for the special work theyve doneWhen her days on earth are over,A Mothers love lives on.Through many generationsWith Gods blessings on each one.Be thankful for our Mothers For they love with a much higher loveFrom the power God has givenAnd the strength from up above.Y Hearts & HugsDonna Lee, Jim, Jason, Lauren, Jamie
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