THANK YOU CANADA A reminder o...
THANK YOU CANADA A reminder of Thanksgiving coming up and thank you to Canada from the Loewen family. We live in an era where there is a lot of focus on supporting the aging population. We can look no further than Concordia Village, Concordia Place and Bethania Personal Care Home to realize how we seem to be living longer thereby generating an ever increasing strain on Manitoban's costs. We are making the most generous donation to the health system. It helps to ensure that there are funds available when government funding in today's world is becoming less. As our medical struggles all Canadians should thank Canada for being free and for being such a great country. Being legal refugees, our family would like to take this time to express our profound gratitude. We would like to continue the donations annually as a reminder to all on Thanksgiving Day. We are donating to four charities - CancerCare Manitoba Foundation, Parkinson Canada, Heart and Stroke Foundation of Manitoba, and Diabetes Canada.
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