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ROSIE PLISCHKE Happy 100th Birthday May 23, 2018 Love, your family.[More Detail]
JEAN COOK (WAZNY) Will be celebrating her 90th Birthday on May 21. Congratul...[More Detail]
ADRIAN (AD) PUGH 50 years AD will be on the 20th of May We surely must recogniz...[More Detail]
CHRISTINE MORRIS Happy Birthday 101 today May 19, 1917 Love Keith, Arlene, An...[More Detail]
MARY QUIRT Happy 90th Birthday Mom! May 24, 2018 We will be holding a "Come an...[More Detail]
VIOLET BOSS Happy 80th Birthday to my very special mom! Looking forward to cele...[More Detail]
PETER MARUCA Happy 95th Birthday to my wonderful husband. All my love, Stella...[More Detail]
Join us to celebrate Dads 90th birthday Thursday May 10 from 2 - 4 pm. at 247 Pe...[More Detail]
Results 1-8 of 8