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BATEMANWords cannot express th...
BATEMANWords cannot express the overwhelming support we have received on the passing of our mom, Irene Bateman. We would like to thank the Neepawa Hospital nurses, doctors and the Neepawa and Area Palliative Care for the wonderful care given to our mom, Irene Bateman. Mom told us that she was in the very best place possible. The support that you gave us was overwhelming. You were all a blessing to all of us during our journey with mom. Special thanks to Eleanor Jarvis for the many hours she sat with mom during her illness and to our cousin Loretta Mayor for coming faithfully to visit and sit with mom. Also to Mary Ellen Clark and Ann Nielsen, the support and comfort you gave to us all was a true blessing. Thank you to the Neepawa United Church women who prepared and served the lunch at the funeral. Thank you to all who sent messages of hope and well wishes to mom during her stay in the hospital, and for the many flowers, cards and donations sent in sympathy that we have received.~The Bateman Family
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