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HALLGRIMSON - ZEBRASKY James and Wendy are pleased to announce the birth of thei...[More Detail]
JIM NYKOLUK Happy 80th Birthday June 25, 1936 Thanks to the good Lord, still pla...[More Detail]
NICOLE Congratulations Nicole on graduating! We are so proud of you and blessed...[More Detail]
JESSICA and ROSS COURTNEY-EMBERLEY Each of us has different talents, different...[More Detail]
MORISSETTE - TYNDALL Edmond and Julie Morissette, along with Roy and Hilda Tynda...[More Detail]
SHELBYLYNN WALLIS AND KEATON THORNTON Hard to believe that 15 years ago these t...[More Detail]
ERIKA LEHMANN & VINCE KUZYK k Congratulations on your Engagement k 2017 will be ...[More Detail]
LUCIEN and ALEXINE ROUIRE 75th Wedding Anniversary June 28, 2016 Congratulati...[More Detail]
LEO and LINDA DELORME Married June 25, 1966 Celebrating 50th Anniversary[More Detail]
JOHN and LEONA SOLOMON Happy 50th Wedding Anniversary 1966 - June 25 - 2016 Cong...[More Detail]
Results 1-10 of 42