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FRANK and FRAN RENOUF Happy 50th Wedding Anniversary! Congratulations on reac...[More Detail]
FRANK and JOY NOVOTNY Happy 50th Anniversary! Today as both of you look back ...[More Detail]
ROBERT and BEVERLEY HARRIS Congratulations on your 60th Wedding Anniversary on ...[More Detail]
ERIC and MAVIS OTT 1967 - August 19 - 2017 Congratulations on your 50th Wed...[More Detail]
OREST and CAROLE KINGERSKI Happy 50th Anniversary August 19, 1967 Our family o...[More Detail]
RON and PHYLLIS MARCHENSKI Happy 50th Anniversary Mom and Dad! (Babee and Dze...[More Detail]
MURRAY and EDNA BROWN 1962 - August 25 - 2017 55th Wedding Anniversary Love...[More Detail]
ORLAND and TERRY SMITH Will be celebrating 65 years of marriage on August 23, 2...[More Detail]
BILL and LORRAINE IRWIN 1953 - August 22 - 2017 Celebrating 64 Years Wishing yo...[More Detail]
GLENN and NORMA SLATTERY Happy 60th Wedding Anniversary! August 17, 2017 W...[More Detail]
Results 1-10 of 31