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LORNE and SYLVIA PIDHIRNEY 1965 - October 2 - 2015 Happy 50th Wedding Annivers...[More Detail]
PAT McDONALD Happy 80th Birthday! Have a hoot'in good time celebrating! Lov...[More Detail]
JESSIE and MICHAEL GAGALUK Happy 50th Anniversary Mom and Dad! You both are t...[More Detail]
JULIAN DEGRAVE Happy 90th Birthday 1925 - October 5 -2015 May God bless you wi...[More Detail]
IRENE REITH Happy 90th Birthday! October 7, 2015 With love and best wishes fr...[More Detail]
ALAN and KAREN GILCHRIST Happy 40th Wedding Anniversary Mom and Dad! Your love ...[More Detail]
VICKI and DOUG HUTSEL 1990 - October 6 - 2015 Happy 25th Anniversary Wishing yo...[More Detail]
MORLEY and SHIRLEY ROWE Happy 60th Wedding Anniversary 1955 - October 7 - 2015 ...[More Detail]
DIANE and LEN ANDERSON 1965 - October 2nd - 2015 Happy 50th Anniversary! Wit...[More Detail]
MARGARET and CLAYTON GRAY Clayton Gray originally from Dominion City and Margar...[More Detail]
Results 1-10 of 42