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LARRY and ROSE MARIE (Lacasse) STEINKE 50th Wedding Anniversary A "Come and Go...[More Detail]
LOUISE GABA Happy 90th Birthday to Louise our Mother, Mother-in-Law, Grandmoth...[More Detail]
ALEX RITCHIE Happy 90th Birthday October 20, 2016 Always dearly loved by Del an...[More Detail]
JOHN and IRIS GNUTEL 65th Wedding Anniversary October 20, 2016 Mnohaya Lita! C...[More Detail]
BETTE RUTHERFORD A Milestone 100 Years Young October 25 You are an inspiration t...[More Detail]
KATHLEEN McKAY Please join us to celebrate Kathleen's 90th Birthday Sunday, Oct...[More Detail]
A Wise One is Born SOPHIA ELIZABETH McKAY Val and Carl McKay are delighted to ...[More Detail]
CHRISTINA BURKOWSKI October 17, 2016 Wow "99" We are so blessed to have you! H...[More Detail]
MAUREEN and ALLAN ZALESKI 50th Wedding Anniversary October 15, 1966 "We've tr...[More Detail]
JOAN and RON RENTZ HAPPY 60th ANNIVERSARY 1956 - October 13 - 2016 Please wish ...[More Detail]
Results 1-10 of 30