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SARA V. MOSHER CONGRATULATIONS! Young, beautiful and RETIRED! We're excited f...[More Detail]
CHRISTOPHER F. M. WIENS Happy 50th Birthday February 28 Wishing my wonderful, c...[More Detail]
MATHILDA (TILLIE) KLYMCHUK HAPPY 90th BIRTHDAY MOM! March 1, 2015 Lots of Love ...[More Detail]
HAPPY RETIREMENT ANDREA BROWN Congratulations Andrea on retiring your practice,...[More Detail]
ERWIN SCHMIDT Happy 90th Birthday March 1, 2015 Lots of love from all your famil...[More Detail]
JIM and CYNTHIA SLEVIN Happy 60th Wedding Anniversary 1955 - February 26 - 2015 ...[More Detail]
JOZSEF and BORBALA MATYI 1965 - March 2 - 2015 Happy 50th Wedding Anniversary W...[More Detail]
SONYA MURARO Happy 40th Birthday March 3, 2015 Sweetie . . . you are the love of...[More Detail]
ED BRODOWSKI Happy 90th Birthday February 12, 2015 Lots of love, all your family...[More Detail]
WINNIFRED (WINNIE) CASSELL Happy 90th Birthday February 26, 2015 Lots of Love an...[More Detail]
Results 1-10 of 22