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SWANE - VALCOURT Randolph and Lori Swane together with Richard Valcourt and Dian...[More Detail]
JUNE WYVILLE (MUTH) Happy 85th Birthday Mom July 16, 2014 Wishing you Health and...[More Detail]
DAVID and SANDRA (Pomes) BOHAY Happy 25th Anniversary 1989 - July 22 - 2014 Hap...[More Detail]
ALEXANDER and KATHLEEN KOHUT Happy Golden Wedding Anniversary July 18, 1964 - 20...[More Detail]
DARLENE and KEVIN MCARDLE 30 Wonderful Years - July 20, 2014[More Detail]
BERNICE FANNING Happy 90th Birthday Mumsy! From your daughters.[More Detail]
DORIS and BRUCE KRAELING 1944 - July 22 - 2014 Happy 70th Wedding Anniversary So...[More Detail]
DOROTHY and RAYMOND KENDALL Happy 70th Anniversary! July 22, 2014 Congratulation...[More Detail]
THOMSON - CAREME Lisa (Elizabeth) and Eric Thomson of Winnipeg, MB are very exci...[More Detail]
ALIA S. MARCINKOW B.Sc., B.Ed., B.Sc. (Pharmacy) There are no shortcuts to any p...[More Detail]
Results 1-10 of 66