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HELEN and VICTOR CHAPUT August 29, 1964 Happy 50th Anniversary! Love Tom, Nadi...[More Detail]
DAVID and MONIKA GAWTHROP August 26, 1989 Happy 25th Anniversary![More Detail]
VICTOR and ANITA BELLAY 60th Wedding Anniversary 1954 - September 1 - 2014 The c...[More Detail]
FIVE GENERATIONS of the ALLARD FAMILY Clockwise from left, Great-Grandpa Jerry,...[More Detail]
WILLIAM TOUGH Happy 90th Birthday Love from your family[More Detail]
COOK - YOUNG Congratulations Jenny and Mike on your engagement! Love from you...[More Detail]
HAROLD and KAREN SPRINGER Happy 50th Anniversary 1964 - September 5 - 2014 Cong...[More Detail]
PAULINE and RAY DESROCHERS August 29, 2014 Happy 50th Anniversary Mom and Dad ...[More Detail]
LEONARD and KARYN DOLEZSAR Happy Anniversary 25 YEARS . . . and still going st...[More Detail]
GORD and JUDY WACH 1964 - August 29 - 2014 "CHEERS TO 50 YEARS" A lifetime of lo...[More Detail]
Results 1-10 of 54