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NOTICE OF PUBLICATION TO: KEISHA ANN ANDREWS (also known as KEISHA ANDREWS and KEISHA A. ANDREWS), TAKE NOTICE that a Statement of Claim was issued against you on behalf of Bank of Montreal in the Court of Queen's Bench on July 20, 2018 in court file no. Cl 18-01-15610. ALSO TAKE NOTICE that pursuant to a substitutional service order of Sr. Master Lee made October 10th, 2018 default judgment will be noted against you if a Statement of Defence is not filed at the Court of Queen's Bench in Winnipeg within 25 days of the date of this publication. BANK OF MONTREAL by its lawyers and agents D'ARCY & DEACON LLP Ken Muys 2200 - One Lombard Place Winnipeg, Manitoba R3B 0X7 Tel: 204-925-5379 Fax: 204-943-4242
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