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NOTICE TO: TUONG DANG and ANY PERSON WHO HAS HOMESTEAD RIGHTS IN THE WITHIN LAND A Notice of Exercising Power of Sale (the "NEPS") has been filed in the Winnipeg Land Titles Office as Number 4798376/1 on behalf of MCAP Service Corporation, the mortgagee under a Mortgage registered in the said Office as Number 4128834/1 which charges the lands described in certificate of title number 2555170/1, as: LOT 15 BLOCK 1 PLAN 437 WLTO EXC THE NLY 8 FEET OF THE ELY 24.33 FEET IN RL 41 AND 42 PARISH OF ST JOHN The District Registrar has been informed that it has been impossible to make personal service of the NEPS upon you and has issued an Order permitting substitutional service. Therefore take notice that unless default under the mortgage is remedied within one calendar month of this publication, the mortgagee will apply for an order permitting the sale of the land. This Notice is published for the purpose of effecting substitutional service thereof upon TUONG DANG pursuant to Order of the Deputy District Registrar dated May 3, 2017.
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